”Does it hurt to be this beautiful?”

I said no. But then I started to ponder over it.

It’s been ringing in my mind, I can’t help it! It’s not true! I was wrong!

Beauty is so much pain. To be this beautiful comes with a lot of hurt and pain. Especially if it’s beauty from the world’s perspective.

People say ” Everything is at your doorstep.”But when everything comes your way, you’re definitely on the wrong path. And not everything that comes your way is beneficial.

A lot of things are vanity. Sometimes beauty is vain. People get jealous of you, because they think they should also have access to the things you enjoy.

Then the world turns into a place of dark nights, of torment, of evil, of disappointment, of betrayal, and of wickedness. This makes the world a dreadful place especially if the torments and evil are  from people you placed your trust and hope in.

”Use what you have to get what you want.”

Sometimes I feel like i should get certain things because I’m beautiful. i should get attention from the crowd, be the apple of everyone’s eye, i should always be the chosen one.But no!

I realize things shouldn’t work that way! I realize that that’s selfishness. And beauty associated with selfishness and greed is vain. But God made us wonderfully and fearfully. In his own image. God fills our lives with a lot of goodness, mercy, favour, and grace despite all or wrongs and flaws.

It proves that everything in this world is beautiful, that nothing should be looked down upon. Open up your soul and embrace the most beautiful things; the things that have been disgraced, the things that have endured the cold weather, the hatred of the world and still have the confidence and grace to rise up and let beauty blot out the dark spots and leave everything spotless.

Keep on being beautiful!!



When the sun sets, the moon rises.

When the moon sets, the sun rises.

Always look on the brighter side, it’s either a sunrise or a moon rise.





Less and More

The plant grows.

It grows to become bigger.

And then we make use of it.

But in a long time, it starts shedding its leaves, it withers, dries, and finally dies.

Friendship grows.

It grows to a point when we can do almost every little thing together.

But it comes to a point, when our egos grow alongside and instead of cutting our egos, we cut our friendship and finally it dies.

Nothing grows.

It grows till nothing comes up.

Nothing happens thereafter. No times spent together.

There’s no ego, no pain, and no regrets..

In the end there’s no death.

But in the end there’s a birth.

Maybe sometimes doing less is doing more.