He promised me Heaven, He assured me of His glory.

He took my hand, He led me to the garden with the best fragrance.

He took out my heart, He put in his love.

He taught me to listen, learn and obey.

My lover, all of a sudden disappeared. I could not feel his love, but my empty heart. I could no longer see the road to Heaven, I could no longer taste the good life He promised.

He betrayed me, He lied to me.

I needed to find another saviour.

I thought I did, I found one.

One with misery, torment, lies, hatred, and evil.

This lover led me to places I didn’t want to be. He made me see things I didn’t want to. And he touched me in places I didn’t want. I was badly hurt, bruised and broken.

I left. I went searching for my first lover.

My lover taught me to listen, learn and obey. So I listened, and I was gradually hearing His voice. I started learning, and I was growing in knowledge of Him. I obeyed, and I was being rewarded. Rewarded with love, though I didn’t know where it was from, with joy, with glory, with light.

And then I could see Him again. I could smell His greatness

God, my lover was testing me.

He wanted me to be strong, even when He was silent.

So I learnt to love, the God way!